Volumetric Calibration

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Volumetric Calibration

What is Micro Volume calibration?

Calibration liquid handling tool for very small volumes 1 µl to 50ml

Calibration Fields

  • calibrating single channel pipettes
  • multi channel pipettes
  • electrical and manual pipettes
  • steppers
  • burettes
  • titrates
  • liquidators
  • ect

Calibration Method

Micro volume is performed in the Gravimetric method (measuring liquid mass) using stilled water and precise balance. The liquids volume, with a known mass and density pumped into the tip is weighed in the balance and the result is converted back to volume.
Calibration is performed in a barometric, temperature and humidity controlled lab and under ISRAC authorization.
The long way the pipette has gone from the school lab to its use today indicates the accuracy and precision achieved over the years.

Micro volume for the police

CSI TV series intro shows the forensic cops holding pipettes and transferring liquids from one tank to another or to a test tube, testing for presence of dangerous or illegal substances. Accurate pipettes assure a safe and creatable procedure which leads to results we can rely on.

Micro volume in medicine

Natal screening lab in SHEBA medical center Tel HaShomer operates a blood sample testing robot, checking each baby born in Israel. Samples are checked for several life threatening diseases which have life saving treatment or a cure available. The robot operates like hundreds of pipettes working all at once.

Micro volume in the academics

The base for since is research. Leading researchers would emphasize the correlation between research results and its tool’s accuracy and credibility taking part starting day one. Result deviations in early experiment or research might lead to wrong conclusions and results and may cost days, months and years of work.

To view the scope of volumetrics accreditation click here

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