Length and Angle Calibration

אורך וזוית

Length and Angle Calibration

Length and angle calibration lab

length and angle calibration lab is the first operating QCC lab. In its early days, this lab provided, mainly, dimensional measurements for customers’ parts and components.

Calibration Fields

Length and angle department tests, calibrates and measures a large verity of items:

  • Threads
  • plug gauges
  • plain rings
  • calipers
  • micrometers
  • length bars
  • thickness gauges
  • dial caliper gage
  • test sieves
  • prisms
  • levels
  • clinometers
  • rulers
  • dial indicators
  • Johnson blocks
  • pins
  • microscopes
  • comparators
  • granite tables
  • high gauges
  • ect

Calibration Method

Calibration performed under controlled humidity and temperature conditions, using the highest accuracy standards in Israel. Therefore most toll are to be calibrated within QC lab. Large tool, such as granite tables and high gauges are to be calibrated on site, since transferring is impossible due to size, or not recommended, sue to tool sensitivity.

Length and angle in the car industry

had you, god forbid, been involved in a car accident, hopefully the only damage requires minor paint work.
Would the painter know how thick the paint layer should be? Standard gauges
for sheet and plate iron and steel, each of different thickness only microns apart. By comparing the standard to the paint thickness, one can tell whether the paint is original or a repair and its quality.

Length and angle in the heavy industry

Producing and cutting metal according to prototype, adjusting its size and step to fit a certain plug or thread is of high accuracy and importance.

Length and angle in medicine

sieves take part in manufacturing meds, so those large pollutants are removed, assuring a high quality and safe product. Sieves calibration is done under comparator, in which space between sieve bars is measured.

Length and angle in aviation

Turbine manufacturing requires high accuracy. Blade profile and angle has multiple meanings: flight speed and efficiency, resulting from blade shape and air flow on it. QCC calibrates thousands of tool for manufacturers in this field of work.

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