Calibration Tracking System (CTS)

CTS – Calibration Tracking System is a powerful web-based calibration and maintenance system, aimed to manage, trace and follow all the calibrated measurement tools of the company.
Users, such as QA or maintenance officers, can track and manage in a single application, all existing tools and required calibrations of the whole company or the specific department.  The system is fully operated by QCC, including all the calibration history certificates ever done for any tool. The system automatically gets all its data from QCC ERP system, and thus ensures the customer to have all the information he may need.
The system has been developed to enable the customer to be fully updated, and to stand within any regulation requirements it may need to track its calibration processes.

The CTS advantages are:

  • Keeps all calibration data centrally web-based located, with minimal maintenance.
  • All the calibration data is managed and automatically handled by QCC out of its ERP system.
  • No additional information is required for follow up calibration data or status.
  • No need to file calibration certificates including all historical records.
  • Enable uploading and viewing electronic copies of all calibration certificates, at any place on the net, based on user credentials.
  • The system can visually alert on any past due calibrations.
  • The system can visually alert on any tool that has not complied with calibration specifications.
  • The system will enable the company to implement advanced quality processes, using truly updated
  • alibration information, and improve its QA processes.
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