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  • Kibbutz Hazorea 3658100 , Israel
  • +972-4-9592464
  • +972-4-9899222

Members of Staff

CEO – Tsuli Hershkoren
VP, Marketing, Sales & Logistics – Lilach Chaout
Engineering Manager – Eyal Haiblum
Technical Manager – Dr. Uri Maurice
Quality Assurance Manager – Anat Sapozhnikov
Human Resources Manager – Lilach Ryba

Marketing Department

Sales of new equipment – Rakefet Chai
Industry and Electronics – Vered Ganon
Industry and Electronics – Dorli Levy Haly
Biotechnology, Pharma, Chemistry and Food – Dovrat Levi
Biotechnology, Pharma, Chemistry and Food – Keren Sharabi
Industry, Biotechnology, Pharma, Chemistry – Ruth Awad
Calibration Consultant – Konstantin Klukin

Heads of Calibration Departments

Heads of Calibration Departments

Head of Electricity and Electronics Department – Vladislav Bershadski
Head of Volumetrics Department – Nachshon Shacham
Head of Force, Torque and Hardness Department – Itamar Nahary
Head of Temperature and Humidity Department – Vladislav Bershadski
Head of Length and Angle Department – Nachshon Shacham

Eran, Lahav, Moshe, Ronen– Service team manager at the client’s site

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