Tachometer and Time Calibration

Production line in pharmaceutical company, automated machine processing vials

Tachometer and Time Calibration

RPM and Time

Calibration Fields

  • Rpm
  • frequency
  • time
  • QCC calibrates Stop watches
  • Timers
  • Optical and mechanical rotational gauges
  • Rotation meters and counters
  • Centrifuges
  • Temperature-controlled centrifuges
  • Vibration systems

Rpm and time in medicine

Heat controlled incubators and centrifuges must rotate in a steady known speed in order to separate fluid to its components.

Apheresis uses a similar method. Centrifuge calibration is performed by using either an optic or a mechanical tachometer which counts the instrument’s speed and determines its rhythm.

Rpm and time in the industry

part rotation speed in the industry indicated whether manufacture and testing procedure works according to standard. Differences in speed and rotation rhythm might indicate that a malfunction is occurring.
Identifying those changes early on could prevent machine down status. Another RPM and time calibration is preformed by counting items (bottles, tablets, stickers ect) passing by a counter.

Rpm and time in the flight

Plane and chopper blades rotate in a steady pace to achieve elevation required to keep a vehicle in the air, in addition to a drop like shaped profile (the most aerodynamic shape in nature) through air. That what makes helicopters and planes move horizontally and vertically. The motor behind the blades must rotate in the right rhythm and according to throttle commands.

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