Flow meter calibration


Flow meter calibration preforms on site and in QCC labs

Calibration Fields

  • On site:

    0.01-500 L/min

    1-100 CC/min

    In QCC lab:

    0-50 L/min

    Nitrogen, air, argon, mix non-corrosive gases

Gases usage in the industry and medicine

Gases are high priced materials, manufacturers must control the amount and the steady rate of gases involved in the process, so the expenses are monitored

Gases prevent oxidation and contribute to metal sealing. Calibrating flow systems are a must even when it comes to automatic processes and moreover when procedures are manual and of high accuracy

The drug and medicine industry use nitrogen to cleanse fermentation containers and reactors, to ensure high precision and repetition

Pressured gas in capsule coating prosses provides consistent coat thickness, which is important for medicine release and efficiency

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