Mass Calibration


Mass Calibration

QCC’s mass calibration lab performs calibration on site and in house

Fields of calibration

  • weighing devices
  • analytical balance
  • semi-analytical balance
  • delta range balances
  • micro balances
  • moisture balances
  • weights
  • single and weight sets
  • ect.

Mass calibration in medicine

A doctor’s prescription for a 20 mg tablet implies to the level of precision involved in the production process. In order to have an accurate, safe and reliable procedure, the drug’s ingredients mass is measured at various points along the process since breaching of that balance might lead to deadly outcomes.
QCC also calibrates high precision of balances such as microbalance scales.

Mass in the heavy industry, food industry and logistics.

The food and cosmetic industries use large scale silos to mix and stir materials and ingredients. To insure accurate quantities in a recipe the silos must be calibrated with a known and calibrated mass.
QCC’s mass calibration team solves various challenges in silos’, weighing devices’, and other scales calibration, whether it is an area too small for mass loading, working high above the ground or calibrating scales and balances of 1000 kg and over.
Heavy industry customers have periodically checkups for weighing instruments, which is the reason for owning weight sets for in house calibration.

Mass in the industry

Factories’ reception desks are usually equipped with scales, whether the good are sold and bought by mass or by the unit.
Scales often present the results in weight units, but sometimes show other units (weight). This system can only be used when a unit is of a known and specific weight or when dealing with a large number of units which exceeds manual counting.

Mass calibration in the police force

One gram may set the difference between conviction, acquittal, fine or prison time. It all depends on calibrated microbalance. When the amount of substance is measured in calibrated accurate balances, a legally reliable and fare process takes place.
QCC offers high precision scale calibration which insures justice is made.

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