PH and Conductivity Calibration

Pipette adding yellow fluid to one of several test-tubes with flasks on light background

PH and Conductivity Calibration

pH and Conductivity Calibration

Calibration Fields

  • PH and conductivity meter in solutions
  • calibrating temperature probes and by electrical simulation

Calibration Method

Calibration is performed by immersing the probe in PH known value solutions. The tool’s display is calibrated by voltage simulation to PH and conductivity units.
Conductivity and PH meters are digested by the solutions, which is the reason to its values changing frequently, this questions the credibility of display + probe results. Therefore customers tend to have solutions so the tools may be adjusted prior to its usage.
The temperature probe, taking part in the calibration, should be calibrated as well.

Industrial use of PH and conductivity

PH and conductivity is widely used in handling sewage and water purity in order to inspect quality and to allow or ban water consumption, diagnose presence of pests ect.

PH and conductivity in food, cosmetics, biology and chemistry

In drug, food and cosmetic production and in biological/chemical research different reactions occur which may result in energy dissipation and production of liquids which HP’s may be an indication for the entire procedure. This is why it is used in manufacturing and research.

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