Electronic Calibration


Electronic Calibration

QCC, despite being a private owned calibration lab, is at national lab level. QCC is consistent to the bet labs in the world and performs as a standard for most Israeli labs.
Electronics lab uses the most accurate and new calibration equipment. Most calibration are by automatic or semi automatic procedures so human errors are at a minimum number. Some calibration procedures were developed by QCC’s software team, which make them as customer suited as possible.
The lab offers 10 working stations, which enable several instruments calibration simultaneously.

Fields of calibration

  • AC/DC
  • frequency
  • time
  • resistance and capacitance
  • DMM up to 8½ digits
  • oscilloscope up to 3.2 GHz
  • power supply and electronic loads
  • signal generator
  • current
  • voltage
  • capacitance
  • resistance and conductivity meters
  • temperature simulation for all types of thermocouples and PT-100
  • standard resistors and decade Resistance
  • frequency counter
  • logic analyzer
  • electronic and high precision calibrators
  • electricity safety (accredited up to 40KVdc) validator +sensor input module (Sim)

On site and in house calibration

A large variety of instruments can be calibrated in house as well as on site, if customer provides etiquette conditions (temperature and humidity controlled and a large enough space). On site calibration allows the customer to continue its work uninterrupted.

Electronics in the industry

Electronic instruments: DMM’s and clamp meters are maintenance equipment for technicians used in the industry on site or next to heavy machinery. These tools’ calibration is necessary for an effective and safe workday for the employees as well as for the gear that the company produces. Checks, and maintains.

Electronics in Hi-tech

Test are an integral part of production starting from early stages to final tests. Electronic tests for the entire procedure are designed to make sure the tool under inspection complies with customer demands. For example: a motor will get electrical power required to run the machine or robot.

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